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Make your brand "
Web 3.0 ready
via structured campaign phases:

Reach out to existing audience base via known channels.
Identify & segregate your “web 3.0 ready” audience pool.
Extend real-world benefits & build your brand's metaverse fanbase!

Campaigns are structured to mimic
standard known processes:
Planning, Set Up, Execution & Analysis

Follow along our guided walkthroughs to sequentially construct all the necessary components to launch a campaign.

NFTs are our
key media vehicle
to run campaigns. You can even mint your own!

With AdMint you can create your very own custom NFT collection or use pre-minted NFTs (if yet unsure!) to power your campaigns.

We help you
distribute, validate & track
your NFTs via custom tools & templates. A one-stop ad stack!

With AdMint's custom tools & templates, you can ensure that your intended audience receive the NFTs and avail the associated real-world brand offerings.

Analyze & consolidate
the strategy that works best for your brand! Run your web 3.0 experiments.

Watch the numbers. See the plan take shape. Measure that ROI. Stake your claim across the Metaverses!

NFTs are our preferred
media vehicle!
You ask why? Because...

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Web 3.0 campaigns
set up made simple.

AdMint offsets most of the technological challenges associated with Web 3.0, allowing advertisers to focus on strategy & campaign execution
You choose your brand’s campaign objective
AdMint provides relevant web 3.0 context on the campaign execution.
You set up funds via standard payment options
AdMint handles your crypto wallets & transfers
You provide us creatives to run the campaign
AdMint preps & converts them into NFT collections
You identify target audience to receive the NFTs
AdMint provides tools and templates to enable distribution.
You determine the real world value offering to consumers
AdMint helps validate NFT ownership & extends access
You define campaign objectives & success metrics
AdMint provides web 2.0 & web 3.0 data to analyse your campaign

How advertising in web 3.0


Transparent Yet Private
In the decentralized web, there's no room for cookies, device Ids or tracking individuals. New user data is protected, anonymized, and yet accessible for all, via simple clicks across blockchain explorers. As a brand, what do you measure & how?
New Data is Universal
Data no longer sits under one roof, to be used or misused without proper consent from the individual users. But we do get to see any and all trasactions across wallets, brand tokens, NFTs & crypto currencies. As a brand, focus on behavioral traits rather than individuals?
The target is always moving
Your NFTs are transitionary! Here today, there tomorrow. Your high value customer-base is no longer "male, 22-40, SEC A+" but "wallets on Polygon, having BAYC NFT, with $500+ liquid crypto holdings". As a brand, how do you get them to use your NFTs?
Everyone is everywhere
Metaverse and other web 3.0 destinations are global. You no longer have audiences restricted to local & hyperlocal cohorts. Your brand now caters to a slew of anonymized wallets across global platforms. As a brand, how will you use your regional web 3.0 budget?

Confused about everything Web 3.0?

Don't worry, we will help you ! Lezzzgoooooo!

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