are awesome!

NFTs started out cool. And then people started perceiving them to be nothing more than overpriced jpegs. That's simply not true. They can be so much more! The way a jar could be filled with cookies, candies, pickled stuff or have coins in them, it is up to us what value an NFT should have in them. Think of NFTs to be a container that depending on what's inside them, can change the experience for the NFT owner. Let's get to know NFTs better.

NFTs Offer Value

The other side of the coin really! If something can store value, that value can be extended to provide real-world utility. Imagine creating a bunch of extended value-adds around the statement, “if a user has a particular NFT then, allow them to...”
  • Access unique offline/online brand experiences.
  • Try samples / buy exclusive items / vote & comment.
  • Burn NFT for $ value on Ecom & DTC site.
Brand Objective:
Exclusive experiences / Lead generation / Co-creation / Sales

NFTs Track Value

You can look up all the wallets that have a particular type of NFT across blockchains. Thereby you can check valuable NFTs, valuable collections and high value wallets. You can determine or percieve the value of wallets that own your brand NFTs!
  • Use NFTs to track wallets & user behavior
  • NFT Profiles based on NFTs owned / spends
Brand Objective:
Determine spends capacity / Exclusive product upsell / Re-targetting.

NFTs Trade Value

NFTs allow for barter / swaps / upgrades / downgrades etc. You can also build associations like “if user has NFT X, drop NFT Y in to their wallet. This makes NFTs highly flexible as a tradeable asset.
  • Use NFTs to gamify interaction with users.
  • Use Marketplaces to Swap / Trade/ Drop one for one NFT to drive engagement.
  • NFT collab with partner brands to magnify value-add / build ecosystem.
Brand Objective:
Drive engagement & Increase userbase.

NFTs Stack Value

NFTs can be built to allow composability. You can merge multiple composableNFTs into one or break down an NFT into smaller components. Makes for interesting evolutionary models to be built using NFTs.
  • Merge & evolve NFTs in collectibles / games.
  • Pro rate ownership of assets
  • Divesting partial assets for $ value
Brand Objective:
Increased consumer base via co-ownership of high net worth goods. Engagement / revenue via collectibles & P2E.

NFTs Lend Value

You can structure your NFT to be shared on a time-bound basis to various platforms in return for value of access that can be provided by them.
  • Use NFT lending to gain liquidity of assets you want.
  • Pro rate ownership of assets
Brand Objective:
Branding x engagement. Always on-campaign