What is AdMint?

Admint is a Next-Generation Out-Of-Home Advertisement startup based in Austin. Admint gives small and medium businesses a space to promote their products and services in a dynamic and innovative way that circumvents having to use billboards and other static means. By using bright LED screens and computer vision technology, Admint does not only display your ads, but provides feedback as metrics that measure the impact of your ads on consumers.

What are the benefits of working with AdMint?

  • Bright LED Screens: Can be spotted at any time of day
  • Web portal: Advertisers can easily create and manage campaigns
  • Computer vision confirmed views and Campaign insights: Can be used to rapidly adapt campaigns to better target the desired market
  • Community engagement: Improving our communities through important advisories and alerts
  • Location: Admint targets high foot-traffic areas to bring your ads to the most amount of consumers

Is AdMint legal?

Yes! There are no laws that prohibit AdMint from carrying out its operations in Austin in general. By keeping our screens on the back side-windows of vehicles, we are abiding by laws that prohibit blocking the view of the driver.

Is AdMint safe?

Yes it is. Our technology can determine at what speed a vehicle is going, and upon reaching 35 mph, the screen will automatically shut off, preventing people driving at higher speeds from being distracted.