What We Do

Admint transform any rideshare car into a smart advertising unit (D-OOH).

AdMint provides an out-of-home advertising solution that features unique smart LED screens strategically placed on top and inside the back windows of partnering rideshare vehicles.
Using our screens and advanced computer software to track results, AdMint displays your ads and provides insightful reports to help us show you the impact of your campaigns in real-time.


Target Ads by Location

Optical recognition along with other measurement technologies and analyses of specific patterns of scenarios allows us to create advertising campaigns with a high level of targeting.


Measurable Results

Our system is based on world-class software that recognizes and interprets a massive amount of information to give you an exact analysis for better decision making.


Affordable Advertising

The nature of our system is to economize and streamline your budget diversifying your campaigns and delimiting multiple variants in order to generate higher returns on your investment.


Run Multiple Ads

Enhance the value of your brand by been in many places at the same time and forget about the low ROI offered by traditional stationary outdoor advertising.


Guaranteed Results

We ensure the impact of your ads through our technology. If Your Campaign doesn’t reach the desired impacts your budget is not spent and remains available to be used on your next campaign.

AdMint’s unique screens also leverage smart computer vision technology to identify viewers and customize ads shown in real-time, further getting your brand seen by your ideal target customer.


Advertise your business anytime, anywhere.

Easy Starting

  • Unlike static ads placed on printed billboards, our innovative LED screens are designed to bevisible day or night to ensure your ads are seen anytime, anywhere.

Full Management

  • Using advanced marketing tactics, we collaborate with you to identify your needs and goals, and develop a strategy to target high-traffic areas to maximize the reach of your ads.

Measure Campaign

  • Our screens feature dynamic computer vision and advanced machine-learning technology
    to captures data in real-time to track results and adjust campaigns at-any-time to maximize their reach.

Advanced Technology

Expose your brand on many places at the same time.

We partner with rideshare drivers to place our LED screens and get your ads seen by consumers. Our goal is to showcase your brand anytime anywhere via unmissable moving advertisements placed in vehicles that constantly drive through high-traffic areas generating millions of views and potential leads for your business.


How it Works


Free Installation

We take care of every detail on your car display installation without any charge.

*No need of any special modification to your car.


Earn Money

Get the best out of your driving day, and enjoy a new income at no cost and zero extra effort.


Easy Plug & Play

Installation is so fast and easy that it can be done in less than a minute. Also your window keeps fully functional.


Extra Bonus

We are proud to offer the best compensation plans on the market.

  • A percentage from total income is equitabily distributed among drivers.
  • Gps tracking Service 24/7 for cars owners.
  • Extra income from special campaigns.
  • Tools and gadgets for any onconvenient on the road.

Want to earn money?

Earning extra money with AdMint is simple! Rideshare drivers can earn an additional income as they travel around the city without any extra effort simply by signing up to place our LED screens on and inside their vehicle!

Sign up today!

Our Team


Jacob Brands


Leader on Development 
of Technologies and Data Mining

  • +8 years of experience in software development, he has created mobile applications with + 100,000 downloads.
  • 2016 Software developer at General Motors.
  • 2019 Current software developer at VISA Inc.
  • Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Texas A&M University (B.S in Applied math and computer science, Texas A&M University).


Fayad Abbassi

- CFO -

Leader of planning and financial strategies.
Operations Consultant.

  • +20 years of experience in corporate finance and investment banking.
  • 2005 Director and leader of technology, media, and telecommunications research department at Neuberger Berman.
  • 2014 Vice President of Finance and Operations for Wyndham Destinations. Leader of 2 business units with combined total revenue of $ 500 million.
  • 2019 Current data scientists interested in using cutting-edge technology to improve the financial sector.


Carlos Alaniz

- CEO -

Business Strategy Leader

  • +8 years of experience as a software developer.
  • 2011 Outstanding member of Toastmasters International, club Siglo XXI.
  • 2015 Director of the development department at DrivingQuest.
  • 2016 Software developer at General Motors.
  • 2019 Current Sr. developer at VISA Inc.
  • Bachelor of Computer Technology from University of Texas Pan-American (B.S. in Computer engineering, UTPA)


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